Information for SMEs

What are European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs)?

European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) are one-stop shops set up to support companies in responding to digital challenges and becoming more competitive.

While EDIHs have a regional presence, they also benefit from being part of a pan-European network. Owing to their regionality, EDIHs have first-hand knowledge of the needs of local companies and can provide services in their own language, tailored to their innovation ecosystem. The European coverage of the Network of EDIHs also facilitates the exchange of best practices across hubs in different countries as well as the provision of specialised services between regions within the same country.

What types of services do European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) offer to SMEs?

With the support of EDIHs, companies can improve their business and production processes, products or services using digital technologies.  SMEs will gain access to technical expertise and can follow the ‘test before invest’ model. EDIHs also provide innovation services, such as financing advice, training, and skills development that are essential to successful digital transformation. EDIHs adopt an environmentally conscious approach, with regard to the use of digital technologies for sustainability and circularity in particular.

How will the efficiency of the cooperation between EDIHs and SMEs  be evaluated?

Every EDIH–SME collaboration will be appraised using the Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) Tool available on our official website. Before any substantial intervention by an EDIH, the digital maturity of the SME will be measured based on the criteria outlined in the DMA questionnaire.

The main objectives of the Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) Tool are to investigate the baseline level of digital maturity of every beneficiary organization ahead of their cooperation with an EDIH, to observe its evolution over time and provide insight into their digital maturity’s growth curve.

Where is my nearest European Digital Innovation Hub?

You can find the full list of EDIHs by following the link.