Remote consulting of farmers

Remote consulting of farmers


Embark on a journey of precision farming with our Remote consulting of farmers, where every data point empowers you to make informed decisions and cultivate success. The service includes the precise depicting of needs of the farmers for environmental conditions monitoring via IoT sensors. They can have real-time information regarding the values of main parameters such as air temperature, relative humidity, soil temperature, soil water content etc.

Part of the service is the determination of farmers’ needs, what parameters they need to monitor, explanation of charts, their importance in daily practice, upper and lower price limits to make the best possible crop decisions at the best time, the number, the type of sensors that should be used, the points of installation and the utilisation of the data after analysis.

The result

Immerse your farm in a new era of precision and efficiency with our service. With precise knowledge and data analysis, you gain unparalleled insights into environmental impacts on productivity.


The customer can achieve:

  • Lowering of operational cost, better decision making
  • increasing of efficiency by adjusting cultivation techniques
  • Reduction or even elimination of human factor mistakes, better understanding, and knowledge of environmental conditions in the farm.
  • Precise knowledge of environmental conditions and data availability can be used for the estimation of their impact on farm productivity (data analysis).

Why Choose Us

We’re about transforming your farming practice. Our service blends real-time information with personalized guidance, ensuring lower costs, enhanced efficiency, and informed decision-making.

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