First Innovation Team Meeting in the Public Sector

The first meeting of the Innovation Team, which was established with the purpose of supporting the General Secretariat of Public Administration in shaping the National Action Plan on Innovation in the Public Sector (NAPIPS), took place on Friday, November 3, 2023, at the facilities of Health Hub EDIH, within JOIST Innovation Park, Larissa.

Maria Michalopoulou, Coordinator of the first European Digital Innovation Hub, #DigiAgriFood, in the field of Agri-Food in Greece, led by the Democritus University of Thrace, attended the meeting representing the hub.

The Innovation Team, consisting of representatives from the Ministries of Interior, Digital Governance, and Development and Investments, the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece, the Association of Greek Regions, and the newly established European Digital Innovation Hubs, convened in the presence of the General Secretary of Public Administration, Dimitris Kirmikiroglou. The main objective of the meeting was to coordinate and promote collaboration among these entities for the implementation of the policy framework of the Innovation System in the Public Sector, as outlined in Law 5027/2023.

The Innovation Team focused on the challenges and work planning for the development of the first National Action Plan on Innovation in the Public Sector.

The agenda of the meeting and the topics discussed were as follows:

  • Presentations from European Digital Innovation Hubs.
  • Innovation System in the Public Sector – Work Organization.
  • Shaping the process for acceleration programs.
  • Challenge Design – Action timeline for submission of proposals for the National Action Plan for Innovation in the Public Sector (NAPIPS).
  • Presentation of the operation of innovation labs in the Greek public administration.
  • Innovation Seminar and publicity activities.
  • Public Sector Innovation Network. Innovation Team Work Program

Closing the meeting, the General Secretary of Public Administration, Mr. Dimitris Kirmikiroglou, expressed his confidence in the newly formed Innovation Team, saying: “I believe that this Innovation Team will soon produce tangible results and encourage public servants to innovate in a way that is perceivable by citizens. Public Administration can change and inspire people to mobilize, focusing on the open and collaborative dimension of innovation so that citizens can enjoy the greatest possible benefits.”