Weather data tool

Weather data tool


This service integrates available climatic data ranging from open meteorological data to dedicated sensor networks installed in the field. Through this service, the user can have access to the following information sections: (a) Weather Forecast: The user can see the current weather and soil conditions in the specific field and a 5-day weather forecast readings from the weather station (b) Weather – Crop Data: The user is able to produce evapotranspiration (ET) prediction charts, so as to manage their actions on their field. The user can have access to the ETo (reference), to the ETc (crop) evapotranspiration, to the calculated evapotranspiration and the precipitation daily (in mm) for the selected field and the accumulated evapotranspiration and precipitation (in mm). (c) Spraying Scheduler: Spraying Scheduler is a decision-making support tool for spraying applications at the right date and time for any crop, (d) Irrigation Scheduler: The user is able to produce suggestion irrigation charts, so as to manage their actions on their field, according to the results that are shown on the bar chart and (e) Tillage Scheduler: The Tillage Scheduler tool provides a field-specific evaluation of the soil conditions in terms of its appropriateness for executing or not a tillage operation.


Main benefits of the service:

  • Accurate forecasts: Weather data tools provide access to real-time and historical weather information, enabling accurate weather forecasting.
  • Risk management: Weather data tools help farmers manage weather-related risks effectively.
  • Resource optimization: Farmers can optimize their resource allocation based on weather data.
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