Tailored consulting / support in finding appropriate sources of financing

Tailored consulting / support in finding appropriate sources of financing


The ability to find appropriate funding for the implementation of digital technologies, is a key condition for the success of the digital transformation initiative of the end-users, especially after the test before invest phase and as long as it is deemed necessary. The expertise and the effectiveness of the #DigiAgriFood EDIH members in assessing the digital maturity of the end-users and elaborating individualized digital transformation plans to guide them towards utilizing available financing tools is at a high level.

The service delivers customized consulting support to end-users after the EDIH has assessed their digital maturity level and proposed possible solutions. The end-user’s need for funding is a top priority for the DigiAgriFood EDIH and ena is fully capable of providing their support on the field.


The main benefits of the service are expected to be economic, as digital transformation will improve the competitiveness of end users in the international market due to making them more robust and capable of adapting to changes and challenges, while also adding value to their products and services. At the same time, SMEs and producers will become more competitive and will obtain a better value for their products and services in the value chain and will be able to enjoy the benefits of the digital economy.

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