Asynchronous training for farmers in new digital technologies and innovative practices

Asynchronous training for farmers in new digital technologies and innovative practices


Immerse yourself in a flexible and personalized learning experience with our Asynchronous Training – a cutting-edge solution for farmers eager to stay ahead in digital technologies and innovative practices. Cultivation and animal husbandry practices are constantly evolving because of technological progress as well as the requirements of European legislation. Therefore, constant adaptation of agricultural and livestock practices is imposed by imperatives of both the market and European legislation. However, the intensity and urgency of the tasks related to agri-food production often deprive the interested parties of the possibility to participate in training programs/sessions. Asynchronous training allows producers to decide on the content of their training based on their needs and wants and to adjust their training schedule to their work schedule. In addition, the privacy inherent in this training method relieves participants from the anxiety and fear that may arise from their coexistence with peers.


Adapt at your own pace, ensuring holistic education that meets European legislation standards, embraces modern technologies, and fosters environmentally friendly practices. Elevate your skills, shape your farm’s future, and thrive on your terms.


Main benefits of the offered service concern the provision of holistic education on issues pertaining to the use of state-of-the-art technology in primary production at a time of its own choosing. Furthermore, trainees will acquire the necessary skills and competencies for the:

  • Compliance with the requirements of European legislation concerning primary production and the availability of agri-food products on the European market.
  • Adoption of modern technologies throughout the agri-food supply chain which favor:
    • a more advantageous position in the market, via the improvement of product quality.
    • the reduction of incurred costs by means of more effective and efficient utilization of resources and raw materials.
    • the application of environmentally friendly practices.
    • the adjustment to modern techniques and upgrade of skills of involved human resources.


Break free from traditional schedules, tailor your education to your unique needs, and enjoy a private learning environment. We prioritize your autonomy in shaping a future where your farm thrives with knowledge and expertise.

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