Innovation Broker Services – cooperation between SMEs and innovation providers

Innovation Broker Services – cooperation between SMEs and innovation providers


Innovation Broker Services refer to a specialized facilitation service that acts as an intermediary between Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the agrifood industry and various innovation providers. These services play a pivotal role in fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and technology transfer between SMEs and entities such as research institutions, universities, startups, technology companies, and government agencies. The primary goal is to accelerate the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and innovative solutions within the agrifood sector.


Main benefit of the service:

Access to Innovation: Innovation brokers expand the horizon of possibilities for agrifood SMEs by connecting them to a diverse pool of innovative technologies, ideas, and expertise.

Reduced Barriers to Collaboration: SMEs may face challenges in initiating partnerships with research institutions or technology companies. Innovation brokers bridge this gap, simplifying the collaboration process.

Enhanced Competitiveness: By adopting cutting-edge technologies and best practices, agrifood SMEs can enhance their competitiveness, productivity, and efficiency in a rapidly evolving industry.

Risk Mitigation: Through pilot projects and testing facilitated by innovation brokers, SMEs can assess the suitability of innovations with reduced financial risk before full-scale implementation.

Market Expansion: Collaborating with innovation providers can open up new market opportunities for SMEs, helping them diversify their product offerings and reach a broader customer base.

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